Common garden birds in Malaysia

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Sources of audio files:

Black-naped Oriole: Patrik Aberg (Jul 2009 Xeno Canto Ref# XC40030) 

Pink-necked Green-pigeon: Frank Lambert (Malaysia-Kuala Selangor-Mar 2010 Xeno Canto Ref# XC58832) 

House Crow: Nina Cheung (Malaysia-Dec 2009) 

Asian Koel: Arnold Meijer (Thailand-Apr 2002 Xeno Canto Ref# XC35804) 

White-throated Kingfisher: Nina Cheung (Malaysia-FRIM-Nov 2009) 

Little Heron: Hermon Redies (Brazil-Sep 2008 Xeno Canto Ref# XC66806) 

Pacific Swallow: Arnold Meijer (Malaysia-Danum Valley 2001 Xeno Canto Ref# XC35729) 


Blue-throated Bee-eater: Patrik Aberg (Singapore-Jul 2009 Xeno Canto Ref# XC40032) 

Blue-tailed Bee-eater: Frank Lambert (Malaysia-Kinta NP-Nov 2009 Xeno Canto Ref# XC59690) 

Coppersmith Barbet: Mike Nelson (Thailand-Oct 2006 Xeno Canto Ref# XC56569) 

Common Flameback: Patrik Aberg (Singapore-Jul 2009 Xeno Canto Ref# XC40035) 

Asian Glossy Starling: Patrik Aberg (Singapore-Jul 2009 Xeno Canto Ref# XC40028) 

Common Iora: Arnold Meijer (Malaysia-Kota Kinabalu 2001 Xeno Canto Ref# XC35653) 

Pied Triller: Swiss Winnasis (Indonesia-May 2009 Xeno Canto Ref# XC36887) 


Yellow-vented Bulbul: Nina Cheung (Malaysia-Bangsar-Dec 2009) 

Eurasian Tree Sparrow: Arnold Meijer (Malaysia-2001 Xeno Canto Ref# XC35776) 

Scaly-breasted Munia: Frank Lambert (Malaysia–Kinta Wetlands, Perak–Nov 2009 Xeno Canto Ref# XC96557)

Olive-backed Sunbird: Sander Pieterse (Malaysia-Sepilok-Mar 2009 Xeno Canto Ref# XC33037) 

Brown-throated Sunbird: Patrik Aberg (Singapore-Jun 2009 Xeno Canto Ref# XC40033) 

Common Tailorbird: Sander Pieterse (Malaysia-Gunung Brinchang-2010 Xeno Canto Ref# XC65509)

Ashy Tailorbird: Mile Nelson (Malaysia-Kota Kinabalu-Aug 2009 Xeno Canto Ref# XC38817) 


Oriental Magpie-robin: Nina Cheung (Malaysia-Bangsar-Jan 2010) 

Common Myna: David Lai (Malaysia-Klang-Feb 2010) 

Javan Myna: Mike Nelson (Singapore–Aug 2013 Xeno Canto Ref# XC150649)

Rock Pigeon: Stuart Fisher (UK-Jan 2010 Xeno Canto Ref# XC42690) 

Spotted Dove: Mathias Ritschard (China-2005 Xeno Canto Ref# XC21571) 

Zebra Dove: Nina Cheung (Malaysia-FRIM-Nov 2009) 

White-breasted Waterhen: Patrik Aberg (Singapore-Jul 2009 Xeno Canto Ref# XC40044) 


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