How to take part

Identify a cozy corner in a garden nearby. This will be your survey station. For 30 minutes on the designated dates for MYGB each year, take stock of the bird life there. Tip #1: Choose a site that you can easily return to next year, so that monitoring may be consistent.

During your survey, identify and count the birds that are perched, then jot it down. Newbies usually find the count sheet useful. 

Enter your sightings on this website. The online submission form is open for two weeks.

Tip #2: Morning and evening surveys are more rewarding, when the birds are really active. Watch MYGB101 for an introductory tour, or go to the Questions page for more information.

Tip #3: Practice makes perfect. Brush up on your identification skills beforehand by paying attention to the birds around you. The survey will be a piece of cake when the time comes!