1. Can I walk about?

    Please stay in one spot.

  2. When and where do I run the survey?

    The survey should be conducted on either of the designated count dates, at a venue easily accessed from where you live. Choose a location that suits you, and spend 30 minutes at a fixed spot. As birds tend to be more active in the morning and the evening, surveys are best done between 7am and 11am, or 4pm and 6pm.

  3. Must I use a pair of binoculars?

    Not really. If you do not have a pair of binoculars, just observe with your naked eye. Pick a spot where the birds don’t perch too high up on the tree or too far away.

  4. What about birds in flight?

    Count only perched ones.

  5. Will I count the same bird twice?

    A good question! Here’s what you should do when you see, say, Eurasian Tree Sparrows at three different times. 6 at 8.00am, 4 at 8.15am and 7 at 8.30am. The total to submit would be 7 (the highest number), not 17.

  6. I don't know what species it was

    Try to find a match on the count sheet. If you are not sure, leave it out of your submission form. For help on bird identification, give our volunteer a call (IZZAT at 011-191302716pm-9pm on weekdays, 9am- 9pm on weekends) or send your field notes to

  7. There were zero birds

    Try going to another spot nearby where birds can be found, so that the survey is more enjoyable for you, then submit both sets of data. Surveys with no birds sighted are valuable data, too. Please submit them even when no species is recorded.

  8. I hear a bird but just can't see it

    Please count only the ones you can see.

  9. I’ll be away on the count dates

    If you cannot go to your survey site on the count dates, try to find someone to replace you. You can monitor your site again the following year.

  10. There's a bird that is not on the list

    Depending where you are, you may see other species at your survey site. For example, the common garden birds in Peninsular Malaysia may be different from those in Sabah and Sarawak. Look up relevant field guides to help you with bird identification. If you need advice on which field guides to get, send an email to

  11. Can I count at the exact same spot twice?

    It is best to submit one set of data per location. 

  12. Can I replace the count on another day?

    Please keep to the designated count dates.

  13. I can't find the online submission form

    The submission form goes live on the first day of the annual count, and stays open for two weeks. The form can be accessed from the text on the homepage.

  14. I have more questions

    Email them to